Tournament Details


Tournament will be on Friday June 16th at 8am through Sunday June 18th, 2017 at 4pm.  Banquet Sunday night following tournament play.  Playing times and draw will be published as the tournament gets closer.


University of Cincinnati Keating Aquatic Center

The court is 7 feet deep, with one inch tiles.

Full Hot Tub access is available for this nationals.



  • Team Fees:  $1,100 per team, (12) players max per team (10 in the water), includes tournament fees, hot tub access, food, and drink at the pool.
  • USOA/USAUWH Development Fees:  $5 per player
  • Banquet Tickets: $30.00/each –  must be purchased at the time of team registration.


There will be 2 divisions at Nationals, Open A & Open B.  We ask that you register your team in the division according to your strength level of your team; there will be cross over games to re-seed the divisions before the playoffs.  If there are more than 20 teams registered, an “Open C” division maybe created.  A Maximum of 24 teams will be allowed to register, on a first come, first served basis, registration is considered accepted, when payment is received.  There are no restrictions on teams/player make up for the national tournament, club teams are strongly encouraged, however when your club cannot field a full team, mixed teams from other clubs/players/regions are allowed to register.  We want everyone to have a chance to play at the U.S. Nationals.

Eligibility:  To participate in U.S. UWH Nationals you must satisfy one of the following conditions:

1. be a US citizen.
2. be a permanent resident.
3. have lived and/or worked in the US for a continuous 3 months and practiced with the club you will be attending nationals with.

Tournament Puck:  CanAm Uni2 Puck


This is a USAUWH Sanctioned Event, 2017 USAUWH membership dues must be paid before the tournament.  Please visit the USAUWH’s website to register.

Time Line: